Agrolife Software Solution

Manage agricultural production on all types of soil with a single click

What is Agrolife, and who is it for?

Agrolife is a software solution for centralized collecting, tracking, and analyzing agricultural data related to land and automated production management – using any smart device, any time.

Perfect tool for:

Government bodies overseeing agriculture



How Agrolife works and what is under
the hood?


Digital map management of plots of land

GIS is the beating heart of the Agrolife system and it provides you with a simple method of entering digital maps of plots of land on a state level, as well as monitoring all parameters regarding your plots, plantations, and soil attributes in real-time.

Satellite images and agricultural indexes

Provide precise data for crop conditions on your plots, NDVI, biomass, plant moisture, and soil quality for each season.

Cadaster land data

All the data on your plots in one place - municipality, location, plot number, surface area, culture planted, data on the state-owned land renters.

The most accurate weather forecast

Weather data is updated every 15 minutes with an accurate forecast up to 10 days in advance and spatial resolution of 500 meters.

Terrain notes

Allows you to make notes quickly and easily while in the field, be it a photo, video recording, or a written entry on any type of occurrence on your plot – fire, hail, disease, vermin, theft, etc. This data is automatically displayed on the digital map and assists you in managing your production risks more effectively.

Automated identification of plant cultures

Identification of planted cultures on each plot of land.


Allows for input of existing infrastructure on plots such as irrigation canals, wells, silos, electric, and telecommunication infrastructure.

digital field book

Managing agricultural production with a
click of a button

soil quality management

Automated crop rotation

The system recommends yearly crop rotation for each plot – helping you preserve soil quality and protect your investment. The system contains the right plot rotation for various cultures:



Field crops




Aromatic herbs

Aromatic herbs


From data to great decisions

Analysis of crops and yields

Soil Quality analysis and sowing statistics

Analysis of agricultural input consumption

What does Agrolife offer to you?

Agrolife is your right hand in managing all agricultural data in one spot. It connects government institutions to agricultural producers who can now make data-driven decisions and manage their production more easily and transparently than ever before.

— Optimization of state-owned land management using a centralized information system
— Efficient way to conduct legal obligations
— Increase in yield and soil quality
— Reduction of overhead costs and better risk management
— Access to data at any time through Web or Android App
— Safety and integrity of nationally important data
— Reduce costs of acquisition and maintenance of multiple different information systems.

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