Cybersecurity solutions

Protect your business from known, unknown and unrevealed cyber threats

Known, unknown and hidden threats lurking in your IT ecosystem are our specialty.

We, at TeleGroup Slovenia, combine the most advanced cybersecurity solutions, a unique methodology and an architectural model to protect your digital assets. Whether it’s protecting your computer network, users, data, applications, Cloud and IoT environments, or protecting your OT / ICS infrastructure – in our team you’ll find brave cyber spartans who protect your business as the apple of their eye.

Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions

Faster, and more powerful protection of your connected business

We ensure the availability and reliability of the network and keep the integrity and confidentiality of your business data by applying a multi-layered protection methodology to all vulnerable points of your network.

We apply the most optimal technologies for a certain type of attack on a certain part of the network.


  • —  Next-Generation Firewall
  • —  Web Application Firewall
  • —  Database Firewall
  • —  Sandboxing for Zero-day protection
  • —  Intrusion Prevention and Detection (IPS)
  • —  Web security
  • —  E-mail security
  • —  VPN concetrator
  • —  Network Access Control solutions
  • —  Anti-DDoS solution

We provide user security solutions that protect every device on the network and prevent, not only the loss of data from an infected workstation but also the spread of malicious software further through your corporate network. Our innovative solutions check compatibility with corporate security policies at lightning speed. In practice, this means that only those devices that meet security criteria have access to your corporate network, such as updated anti-virus software, encrypted disk, etc.


  • —  Insider threat protection
  • —  Data loss protection Firewall
  • —  Application whitelisting
  • —  Disk, email, and endpoint encryption
  • —  Endpoint detection and response
  • —  Data classification
  • —  Network access control
  • —  Privileged user control
We implement specialized solutions that protect your business data from unauthorized access and damage throughout its life cycle. We perform data encryption, tokenization and implement key management processes, which protect your data in all applications and platforms. Now you can relax because there is a solution to every problem.

Solutions and methods

  • —  Data encryption
  • —  Data masking
  • —  Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The CASB solution analyzes thousands of cloud applications. Monitors, protects, and manages data and controls policies for sanctioned and unauthorized cloud accounts. It provides comprehensive protection for your business in a cloud and on-premise environment.

On the other hand, our hybrid cloud protection solutions provide comprehensive protection at the container, cloud environment, and virtualized data center levels.


  • —  Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
  • —  Virtual infrastructure antimalware protection
  • —  Web Application Firewall
  • —  SIEM
  • —  Multi-factor authentication
  • —  Proxy
  • —  Data protection

Critical infrastructure protection is a specific area of cybersecurity, as the consequences of attacks on OT and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) can paralyze a country and endanger human lives.

These networks are much older than IT networks and until recently there was no need for their integration with IT networks, so no cybersecurity protection system was taken into account when designing these networks. These networks are mostly without encryption and authentication, and do not have adequate anomaly detection systems.

That is why our mission is to create unique protection for OT / ICS infrastructure based on NIST and Purdue models and deliver a solution that can withstand any attack


  • —  Analysis of the current state of OT/ICS networks
  • —  Design and implementation of specialized cybersecurity solutions tailored to each critical infrastructure
  • —  Technical support 24×7 and system maintenance services
  • —  Consulting services for improving current systems

Our Services

We apply an architectural model that includes layered protection at all key points of your information system and we integrate various cybersecurity technologies into a single ecosystem.


We analyze your real needs and prioritize the stages of implementation of cybersecurity solutions. Starting with cybersecurity strategy and then delving deeper into the specific needs of your business to create the right solutions. We selflessly pass on specific knowledge about cybersecurity trends in different industrial verticals.

Professional Services

We design, implement and integrate cybersecurity solutions into your corporate environment. After implementation, we take care of your system 24x7 and maintain the highest level of performance through our long-term SLA model.

Managed Security Services

If you do not have enough resources and want to reduce operating costs, redirect some of the cybersecurity operations to TeleGroup Slovenia and retain control in your hands.

Unique methodology for your unique business

We apply an architectural model that includes layered protection at all key points of your information system and we integrate various cybersecurity technologies into a single ecosystem. This protection model has proven to be the best in modern cybersecurity practice, as it provides complete visibility of traffic in your network, granular control, fast and efficient protection against known, unknown, and undetected threats, and finally provides detailed analysis and forensics in case of attacks. But that’s not where the cybersecurity story ends. It is important to test and check the vulnerability of your system. Find out why Penetration testing is an important step towards preventive protection of your business.

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