IT Service Management Solutions

Bring together development, IT operations, and business teams to provide exceptional digital service experiences

Whether we want it or not, the business world is changing at a rapid pace.

However real progress is still hampered by old ways of working and rigid processes. It’s like dancing the tango in a tight seamless skirt. You know all the steps, you feel the rhythm, but your movement is still restrained. This challenge is also faced by IT teams in many organizations because the management expects that internal IT services function flawlessly and quickly, with low risk and, of course, minimal investments. What is the reality behind these demands? Many organizations use different digital tools for different segments of business processes, which are often not complementary or integrated into a logical whole, not to mention the initial investment and maintenance costs of several different systems. This reality hinders IT teams in ensuring a fast and effective flow of information within the company and carries the burden of an expensive team.

You can overcome this problem with our cutting-edge IT Service Management Solution (ITSM), which rapidly brings together developers, IT operations, and business teams to deliver, operate, and support exceptional service experiences with low costs and minimum risks.

Key features of IT Service Management solutions to efficiently address service requirements within your organization

Make it easy for diverse teams to manage, route, and triage work- from IT to HR, Facilities, Legal, and beyond

— Self-service portal
— Streamlined, collaborative agent queues
— Powerful SLAs and reporting
— Configurable workflows
— No code automation

Collaborative incident and problem management

— Powerful alerting and on-call management
— Major incident collaboration and communication
— Investigation and response automation
— Incident investigation dashboard
— Postmortem reports and export to Confluence

Change management for the DevOps era

— Automatic change requests from CI/CD tools, such as Bitbucket Pipelines
— Automated risk assessment engine
— Deployment gating and control from change requests
— Integration with AWS Service Catalog

Flexible configuration and asset management

— Store and manage any CI or asset
— Automatic CI and asset discovery
— Dependency mapping
— Automation for alerts, issue routing, and more

In the IT Service Management domain, we are partnering with global tech leader – Attlasian. Find out how ITSM accelerates good decision-making in any organization.

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What else does the IT Service Management solution bring to your company?

The value that ITSM brings to you are flexible and intuitive processes that reflect the realistic way of working in your company. With greater transparency in work and simplified processes, better cooperation is achieved across IT operations, development, and business teams. And when development and operations are on an integrated platform, the magic happens – faster workflow and more efficient resolution of requests from delivery to support.

Get value out of IT Service Management from day one

— Increased ROI: 246% return on investment
— Faster time to value: Average implementation time of 2 months
— Improved efficiency: 61% improvement in agent productivity

*Source – Forrester Consulting’s Total Economic Impact™ report

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