Cookie Policy

Website uses so-called cookies. Cookies are collected pieces of data generated by the website and which web-browser stores at a user’s hard disk as small text files.

Session cookies, small text files are stored at the user’s hard disc or on a mobile device via websites that are loaded in a browser or through specific messages received by e-mails. Their usage is widespread so that websites could operate properly and so that their owners could receive business and marketing information.

A cookie contains a text line, which contains the information on the browser. For operation the cookie doesn’t have to recognize where the User comes from, it just needs to determine the type of the User’s web browser.

Some cookies used by TeleGroup Slovenia store information on Users which are personal types of information. Still, those information are being stored only if the User posted them himself, i.e. entered them on our website. A detailed description of personal data protection can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Cookies are being used for technical reasons to enable efficient operation of website, i.e. to:

  • Preserve balance of communication at the website, while users receive coherent and reliable services;
  • Limit Communication on key sections of the website to preserve levels of operating efficiency;
  • Enable the connection of the User with appropriate service on the website, during modification of operating mode of the website;
  • Direct Users towards specific applications of a service or specific servers;
  • Obtain insight information of the way how visitors use the website to improve website functionalities and user experience

Cookies are used to enable Users to navigate our website in the way that they:

  • Memorize information entered by a User into ordering form during navigation through various pages during a network browsing session;
  • Memorize solutions and services which were subject of interest on the website to place commercial messages;
  • Memorize log-in identification on the website;
  • Show log-ins on the website.

Cookies are stored on the device used for access to our website, which memorizes these settings to be used the next time. The cookie shall seize to be valid after a certain period (in any case after 13 month period). The user has the option to delete cookies via settings in the web browser. All additional information on deleting or blocking cookies can be found at the link  

Internet browsers enable change of settings related to cookies. The settings are usually given in the menu as „Options“ or „Preferences“. Below given links can help users to have a better understanding of settings:

  • Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
  • Cookie Settings in Firefox
  • Cookie settings in Chrome
  • Cookie settings in Safari

On its website, TeleGroup Slovenia uses cookies and third-party services to place commercial messages (Facebook Pixel and Google Tag Manager), analytics (Google Analytics) and uses video services (YouTube). All these cookies are managed by third parties and all additional privacy information are given on the websites of the third parties. By choosing the option I AGREE, before usage of website, a user accepts the usage of cookies for the above-mentioned purposes.

By choosing the option ONLY NECESSARY COOKIES, the user accepts the usage of those cookies which are necessary for proper site functioning and Google analytics of visitors, while choosing the option TURN OFF enables a user to keep browsing on our website with the possibility of not being able to browse through all website contents.

TeleGroup Slovenia shall not be responsible for any loss of functionality and/or contents on web pages on in cases of choosing regulations on receiving cookies by the user.

More information on the manner of regulation/turning off of this type of cookies can be found at the following link:

Apart from that, our website follows statistical visitation solely to gather necessary information using Google Analytics, an analytical service on a network provided by Google Inc. Corporation (hereon referred to as „Google“). Google Analytics uses cookies, textual databases which are placed on the User’s computer, as an assistance while analyzing how the users use the website. Google uses such information for evaluation of usage of the website by the User, for preparation of activity reports on the website, and usage of the Internet. Google shall not associate a User’s IP address with any other data owned by Google.

Additional information on Google Analytics cookies can be found at Google pages dedicated to providing assistance and Privacy Protection Policy: Google Privacy Policy and Google Analytics Help. Google has also developed an additional programme for the browser for JavaScript Google Analytics, which enables it to be turned off (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js). If the User wants to be excluded from Google Analytics, he must download and install an additional programme for his network browser.