People tracking solution – MountainWatch

IoT solution for Watching Your and Your Crew’s Back on the Mountain

You can’t tame a mountain, and neither should you, your passion for exploring the unknown.

We’ve developed MountainWatch, our people tracking solution that watches your crew’s back while skiing, hiking, biking or simply wandering in an unknown direction attracted by the magical mountain landscape. If you get lost, injured, or want to know where your family and your team members are at all times, MountainWatch is here to help.

Our solution

How does MountainWatch keep you safe and how does the whole process work?

The system is designed to connect the users of the ski resort on one end and the rescue services on the other via sensors, mobile, and web applications. It monitors your movements in real-time and comes to your aid in case of any kind of danger during your stay on the mountain, whether you are a skier or an alpinist, a cyclist, or just a fan of mountain peaks.


When you come to the ski center, you need to rent a tracker with an SOS button on it from the issuer of the ski pass and take it with you whenever you go hiking. This device is compact and you can carry it in your pocket or backpack. If you happen to get lost, injured, or get into any other trouble, you need to press the SOS button and the tracker will automatically send an alarm with your geolocation to the central information system managed by the ski center. In addition to your location, dispatchers will know exactly who asked for help and when, will hire all relevant emergency services, and will inform your family members or friends about the incident.


If you want to connect with your crew during your stay on the mountain, our free Android and iOS MountainWatch application is at your disposal, which allows you to see where your family members or friends are on the map at any time - whether you care about their safety or just want to organize your day together. The application also contains an SOS button as an alternative to the tracker, but it will also send you weather notifications, warn of weather disasters and inform you about events and current programs organized by your ski center.

How can ski resorts and mountain rescue services save more lives with our MountainWatch solution?

The MountainWatch solution, based on LoRa IoT gateways that feature a large coverage radius, sensors that closely monitor the movement of people, and web application, allows rescue services to find out in real-time where, when, and who needs help. This solution improves the existing processes of reporting and resolving incidents and enables ski centers and rescue services to be more efficient in saving human lives in moments when every minute is important.

The web application allows ski resorts to:


Track the movement of ski center users in real-time through interactive maps


Monitor, prevent, and notify users that they have left the safe zone (Leaving Green Area - LGA)


With the automatic notification of the dispatcher about the activated SOS alarm, detection of the location of the person in trouble, and identification of those who sent the call for help, the whole rescue process is more efficient and reliable


Analyze the historical movement of ski center users for forensic purposes - according to the name of the person, group, or MAC address of the assigned sensor


Automatically generate all statistics and reports on the number of visitors, assigned to trackers, SOS and LGA events, the number of registered groups of visitors, the number of resolved cases, and much more…


Through the mobile application, warn the users of the ski center about weather disasters with the display of meteorological alarms, display information on which slopes are closed, etc.

We at TeleGroup Slovenia provide turnkey systems for ski centers, we design and install the LoRaWAN network, deliver equipment, and train end-users on how to use the web application as efficiently and effectively as possible with regular care and maintenance of the MountainWatch system.

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