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On a Mission to Success – Yours and Ours

Our IT and engineering services provide you with tangible business results

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On a Mission to Success – Yours and Ours

Our IT and engineering services provide you with tangible business results

IT penetration testing services

We know that you know that there’s no company, organization or government body that’s safe from hackers today.

We also know that due to accelerated digitalization and the development of new technologies businesses are more vulnerable than ever.

Don’t worry though, TeleGroup Slovenia cybersecurity team is here to help detect threats on time, reduce the risk of your IT ecosystem being penetrated and protect your entire business.

We proactively detect all the weak spots of your system and afterward propose the optimal cybersecurity solutions and security measures that help you reduce the risk of:


— Financial loss as a result of embezzlement (hackers, blackmailers, disgruntled employees), poorly created systems, and business processes.

— Client distrust, loss of company reputation, and the downfall of your business.

What we test

— Network servers (open to the Internet plus internal servers)
— PCs or laptops used by your employees
— Customized computer systems (dynamic stations, internal applications…)
— Both computer networks and equipment (including wireless networks)
— Security measures which should be applied by your employees or we suggest implementation of custom measures
— Physical security measures (access control, possibility of unauthorized access…)

Tip: Better Safe than Sorry

Always pay special attention to computer security which has to comply with the latest industry standards. Avoid the trap of thinking only other people’s systems get penetrated. That’s why the most important investment for your business at this moment is - prevention.

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IT systems implementation and integration services


When in doubt about which IT tool to choose, you can always rely on our engineers to analyze, evaluate and propose the most optimal solutions tailored to your business needs.


Before installing, we test the new systems and equipment to ensure your business processes run seamlessly, ensuring maximum usability and reliability of your system.


Implementation and commissioning are the crucial parts of every IT solution and the most important steps of the entire process.

This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standard of providing IT services (ISO 20000) while implementing your systems and managing projects using PMP methodology.


When the critical part of system implementation is finished, we provide you with detailed documentation, after which we transfer operational and specific knowledge onto you to help you make the most of your new system and protect your investment.

What we offer

— Consulting
— IT system auditing
— IT solutions designing services
— Demo lab, testing, Proof of Concept (PoC)
— System installation, integration, and commissioning
— End-users training

Technical support

How many times have you endured your system crashing and your business processes slowing down or completely rolling to a halt?

Many companies have gone through this arduous experience, and the costs and reputational risks it entails.
That’s why it’s so important to choose the right company to entrust with the care of your IT systems.

You will find an experienced and reliable partner in TeleGroup team of experts. A team who is vigilantly monitoring the condition of your IT systems, eliminating malfunctions and recovering system functionalities as quickly as possible in the event of a failure.

What we offer

— Preventive maintenance
— Help desk
— Remote support
— On-site incidental maintenance
— Monitoring of various IT services

We provide technical support through 8x5 or 24x7 model, for all systems in our portfolio. Contact our technical support, we’re always here for you when you need us.

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Designing and building of fiber optic networks

TeleGroup engineering is your right hand in planning, designing, building and maintaining transport and access optical networks in Slovenia and the EU.

Using the turnkey model, we cover the entire process of building optical networks – from design and development of conceptual design, conceptual project, project for building permit, construction and installation works with delivery and installation of telecommunications materials, cables and equipment, network testing, as-built project documentation and securing usage permits.

We are outfitted with the most modern mechanization and tools for the implementation of complex infrastructure projects in urban, interurban, and rural areas.

Our engineering prowess comes from licensed designers, contractors, and technicians who have gained extensive experience working on strategic infrastructure projects for telecom operators and internet service providers across the Western Balkans.

We specialize in

— Transport, Access and Metro networks
— FTTx
— All IP networks

We can execute all stages of the project cycle including:

— Design and engineering
— Network and civil construction

  • Ditch excavation, construction of telecommunication pipelines and footholds
  • Preparation of tranches and laying the ducts and pipes
  • Insertion and insufflation of optical fibers
  • Fiber splicing
  • Terminating cables at termination boxes
— Change management: moves, adds, changes
— Lifecycle network maintenance

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