An important gathering and experience exchange

“Navigating the unknown – securely” was the name of this year’s Infosec Lite 2020 conference, the tenth in a row, organized for the first time in the virtual space on December 9th and 10th. This is the most important TeleGroup event on cybersecurity in the Western Balkans organized from 2011 and from 2019 with the support of our daughter company TG – SEC.

Infosec gathered numerous regional Cyber Security experts, scientists, professors, experts from the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and guests from Canada who discussed the challenges and increased risks in the cyber domain due to the crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Digitalization has driven innovation and accelerated economic growth, but also the danger of cyber threats. The key to digital infrastructure security is in tackling these challenges.

More than 200 professionals attended an online conference together with numerous university students from the region. Thus, a community of trust was formed that enables an important experience exchange.

The event was opened by Dalibor Ratković, CEO at TG-SEC and program director of the conference, emphasizing that it brings together leading technological solutions vendors who each year enrich the conference with the latest Cyber Security trends.

„I am very pleased that even this year we have gathered our long-term friends and partners Symantec, F5 Networks, Trend Micro and Check Point, but also other regional and international experts to raise awareness of the information security importance, especially today when cyber attacks are one of the key risks of the new age due to pandemic”, said Ratković.

The global context and the pandemic impact on global security were the main topics during the first day of the conference. A special focus was on reflections on the Balkan region and the role of cybersecurity in the “new normal” time when we work and communicate via the internet.

Director of the Public Administration Reform Team and Advisor for Digitalization and Innovation in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia Marta Arsovska Tomovska, astrophysicist and philosopher from the Future Institute of Oxford Milan Cirkovic, and Assistant Professor Vladimir Ajzenhamer from the Faculty of Security, University of Belgrade were some of the key speakers. They discussed the accelerated changes in the AI use and the Strategy of Serbia for the artificial intelligence development for the period 2020-2025.

Within the panel, we could find out what geopolitical and security challenges and threats the world has witnessed this year, as well as global trends for 2021. 

Dino Novak from F5 Networks emphasized that the digital user experience is very important to every company, especially during a pandemic. Digital experience is becoming the primary way of interaction and transactions with the users for each organization. Dmitri Belotchkine from Trend Micro presented as he said “so much promised single-pane-of-glass”, a management console that presents data from multiple sources in a unified display.

The second day of the Infosec conference was marked by presentations of Davor Perat (Symantec) and Krešimir Vinšćak (Veracomp Adriatics) on “How to be safe online in the COVID-19 era”, while Ivan Štrbac (Check Point) spoke about the security intelligence platform complexity.

Experienced global players shared their views on trends and innovations at Infosec while conference was concluded by panelists from Samuel Associates Canada presenting information on how much Canada and America are connected more than ever by smart transport, supply chains, scientific development, cooperation and cyber protection, precisely thanks to the transition to digital business. It was pointed out that the market of Canada, the second-largest country in the world, is now much more accessible. Moving to work from home reduces labor costs, and the startup community is open to partners and investments in innovations from around the world. Moderator was Marko Kovačević CEO of Signet World.

Infosec was concluded with the desire for our region to continue the digitalization processes and the message that joint efforts in the protection of digital infrastructure and cyberspace are crucial in this process.

TeleGroup launched the first Infosec conference in 2011 in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and 2013 in Serbia. The company’s long-term plans are to establish a conference in all countries where it operates, which will deal every year with the most current topics in the field of information security and together with world experts, propose solutions that will help the economy and state institutions protect overall information resources.