With great enthusiasm we want to share the news regarding the recent evolution of our company. We are happy to announce that our company name has been changed from Diagram Communications to TeleGroup d.o.o. on June 14th, 2022.

This name change will allow us to present ourselves as the innovative and trusted company due to merger with our sister company TeleGroup d.o.o. , and it represents one step further towards the integration of the entire Telegroup system.

TeleGroup brand provides even more opportunities for expansion of the Slovenian part of the company into Western Europe countries, as well as the additional strength regarding knowledge and experience integration within diverse teams. This strategic decision will create new opportunities for projects in the European Union, accelerating our efforts to assist organizations in transforming their businesses through the use of advanced technologies.

We plan to achieve one of the most important goals, which is to have sustainable business in challenging times, by bringing together several tech companies under one brand.

Our commitment will remain our highest priority for our customers and partners.

For any questions or assistance with this matter contact us at office@telegroup.si