Diagram Communications will present itself to the Slovenian public for the first time at the INFOSEK conference on September 9th in Nova Gorica – Hotel Perla, at 12h AM.

Primož Bedrač, our Business Development Manager, will be representing Diagram Communications as a lecturer. He has been working in various fields of information technologies for twenty years. In doing so, he went from system administrator, technical sales consultant to head of sales department. Areas of activity were diverse, but they were mainly domestic in international projects in the field of system architecture, business continuity, network, information security and data storage systems.

As he is currently in charge of introducing new technologies and solutions at company TeleGroup, the topic he will be focused on during his lecture will be about innovations and strategies leaders introduce to the industry in order to stay on the top – What do leaders do differently?

The cybersecurity industry is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic areas of the IT industry. In the history of cybersecurity, there are quite a few manufacturers who have been leaders in their field, but today they are pushed into a niche player position or have been taken over by the competition. Still, others have managed to transform themselves from niche players, especially with smart strategy and usually also with inorganic growth, into important players.

During his lecture, he will look for the answers to the questions as what are today’s challenges in cybersecurity and on the basis of which criteria do analysts position certain manufacturers better than others.

INFOSEK is one of the most comprehensive and important forums on information security in the region. It is in its 19th successful year of providing information security professionals from around the world an opportunity to learn about the latest trends, events, and issues in information security and information risk management.

The three-day gathering, which runs from September 8th to 10th, will be attended by over 600 participants, 130 lecturers, and 50 sponsors as it is gathering world-leading IT and information security experts.

Join us on the 9th of September at: infosek.net/en/registration

Conference program: infosek.net/predavanja#759